Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, former patrons and others have asked the following questions. Feel free to pose a question and we will try to get an answer for you.

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  • Why did Tugs close?

    Frequently asked question

    Times change. Liability, handshake isn't what is use to be, and restrictions to expansion and a liquor license.


  • Will it ever open again?

    Most frequently asked question



  • What made Tugs so successful?

    Happy customers know why

    Good bartenders, good employees. We will have the Tugs employee test up here is a few weeks. Think you could work for Tugs. Take the Tugs test right here and find out.    
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  • What's behind all the nostalgia for Tugs Tavern?

    Chuck wanted to know

    Don't know.

  • What happen to the Tug Boat?

    Dan wanted to know

    Tom sold the Tug's boat to a Tugs patron. Upon hearing that Tom had sold Tugs, the new boat owner burnt the boat up.

  • Did Roger ever own a pair of shoes?

    Greg Wanted to know

    If Roger needed a pair of shoes, he painted his feet black.

  • How's Tom house coming along?

    Pete Wanted to know

    Check out the pictures of his house on the Tom Warren page.

  • Will there ever be another Tugs Swim-Run-Swim race?

    Sue wanted to know

    Yes, hopefully in 2009 or sooner.

  • Will Tom ever do the Ironman again?

    Sue, also wanted to know

    Yes, hopefully in 2009 or sooner.

  • What do I need to get a hold of Owen's recipe for his Sunday morning omelets?

    Pete wanted to know

    To find out you first need to get a a pair of pliers, a cattle prod, and a water board.

  • Then how about the recipe for the Thursday night salad dressing?

    Pete, also wanted to know

    We will try to get it.

  • What are some of Casey's favorite books?

    Ethyl wanted to know

    The Crown Jewel of Discrimination written by some Indian dude in 810 AD. His second favorite book was written by the same dude and has only 68 sentences with 150 pages of prologue explaining the sentences. Take a look here or take a look there.

  • Why did the Tugs Swim-Run-Swim Race and the John Clancey race adapt the use of race age divisions separated by color, instead of by age?

    Sparky wanted to know

    The intention is to balance the number of entrants in each race category instead of being overloaded in one category and to few in another.

  • What is the Turd List?

    Wayne wanted to know

    The Turd List is a list of David Pain finishers who know about the race re-staging and have not made it the starting line of the new races. They will remain on the list, until they appear at the starting line. There will be no excuses. In the case of a passing, only a relative at the starting line will be able to remove their name from the list. The exception to the knowing about race rule is the is the "Jerry Stowe clause". Jerry was a popular figure on the San Diego summer tri circuit, who people use to love to beat. Then he just disappeared from the scene, without notice. For his disappearance, he makes the Turd list. If I can get my fat ass out there every year, so can they.