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To see Tugs vintage videos, go here. Travel with Tugs here. Tom Warren can be contacted with email at


  • 2023 Feb 1 Tugs closes

    Looking for a different business model

    In the coming year we will look into a different model one where you can pick up a store or on line shipping. Stay tuned.

  • Zack Hamner and Emily Tylka Win 2019 Pain Tugs Clancey Aquathon

    A small turnout was expected but the race committee was overwhelmed by the number of participants who showed up. A very competitive race with a beer stop turned into a real battle. If if you didnt make it we hope to see you next year. PDF files need to be fixed. Will look into it.

    A limited amount of trophies were awarded with just 2 special awards. The Tallyho award went to the Nauman family. The Dave Pain award went to ... in memory of Dave Pain who passed way this year.  See. Race originated in 1972 by Dave Pain combining a run and swim. Race officials honored him by coming out to the race and wearing white news boy hat as shown here. First races were held at Mission Bay and Fiesta Island. Moved to South Mission Beach 1981. Ended in 1988. Returned in 2001. Combining Dave Pain and Tugs races. Beer stop added in 2007.

    2019 Race Entrants

    2019 Race Results

    2019 Race Results PDF

    2019 Age Division Race Results PDF

    Beer Stop

  • Pool Politics - Stop Aqua-Sizers now. I mean NOW!!!.

    Join Tugs in combating Pool Aqua-Sizers seizing pool lanes at your local pools. Our first quarrel with the morning Aqua-Sizers are the demos (short for demographics). Looking at the demos there is no reason that these crews need to be starting before 8:00 AM. Taking swim lanes away from people who swim before work and need to get moving. Our next quarrel is that these crews believe that it is their right to these swim lanes with no regard to others. This is a problem at many pools. Not just your local pool. Tugs is calling on all to resist.

    What can you do? Form a petition at your local pool to change the Aqua-Sizer morning hours to a later time suiting their demos. Next when asked to give up your swim lane to the the sizers, Resist. Question.  Why? Demos? Why do they need to be there so early?

  • Help

    Any information about former Tugs Patrons Diane Haines and Rick Greenwood

    Received this email "Taken in 1979. The man was known as Rick Greenwood. AKA "Rick the Stick" Whereabouts unknown. The woman was Diane Haines. She passed away in an auto accident in Hayden Lake Idaho, 1987 at age 30. She was my mom. If you have any other photos or info about these people would you please share?" Contact us at and we will forward information.

    Rick and Diane

  • Save Kellogg Beach

    Unbelievable but a potential multi-family development right on Kellogg Beach threatens all who cherish this beautiful public beach and the surrounding area.

    Sign the petition to stop the development here We are asking the Peninsula Community Planning Board to recommend against this proposed development of condominiums on Kellogg Beach.

  • In Memoriam Victoria 1950-2013

    Long time Tugs employee (1971 - 1985) Vicky employee passes.

    Known as Vicky to all Tugs patrons. Stick for the way she handled a pool cue stick to all her fellow Tugs employees. She worked every job at Tugs; Rolled tacos, waitress, and bartender. After Tugs, she managed a very successful beauty spa. Her life dream. She will me missed and loved very much by her family, husband, and friends.

    In Memoriam

Athlete Watch

  • 2009 John Clancey Biathlon Winner Qualifies for Kona Ironman

    Ford Ironman Coeur d'Alene - 9:35:34

    Catch our video interview with Brad below.

    Interview Brad Kona Ironman Finish

Recent Features

  • Dean Spraque and Maya Bryson Win 2018 John Clancey Race

    Another successful race with a very competitive field. Check the race results. Two time winner Deano took down the field for a 3rd victory.

    Excellent Race conditions again this year. Plenty of parking. Beer stop. 36 participants. Plenty of trophies. Tugs race shirts were available Look forward to see you again next year.

    2018 Race Results

  • Matt Tobey and Bessie Leszczynski Win 2017 John Clancey Race

    Race was canceled but due to the iron wills of Mykl Shannon, Shane and Dave Buysee, Ben Mata and the Flo man the race was called to go August 8, 2017 at South Mission Beach. Thanks guys.

    Excellent Race conditions this year. Plenty of parking. Beer stop. 23 participants. Will move next years race to August. We are working on special race shirts for next year.

    2017 Race Results

  • Sean Silberman and Jennifer Huffman win 2016 John Clancey Aquathon.

    A real big Thank You to all those who participated. Keeping the tradition going. Look forward to seeing you all again next year.

    Never in the history of the Dave Pain, Tugs, and John Clancey race have athletes faced such ordeals in getting to the race and running the race. Traffic congestion. Filled parking lots. High tide. Packed beaches. No breathing room. Heat. Horrendous conditions. What fantastic athletes.

    2016 Race Results

    Race Information

    2017 Race Number Assignment

    Trophy Description

    Race History

    Race Map

  • Kosuke Amano and Genny Caruso Win 2014 John Clancey

    July 24, 2014 6:00 PM. South Mission Beach. 3.5 mile run, Beer stop, 1000 meter swim

    Kosuke Amano scores second win with a sizzling record time of 30:20. Genny Caruso triumphs in the women's division to place third overall with a 41:00 time. Genny also replaced having a beer at the beer stop with a Tequila shooter. Slam Dunk. Many awards were presented. See link to results below

    2014 Race Results Race flyer   Course Map

  • 2013 John Clancey Aquathon Race Results

    Kosuke Amano 32:04 (course record) and  Mallory Watson 44:12 win 13th re-staging of Dave Pain race.

    The aquathon is a 3.5 mile run and 1000 meter swim with a beer stop thrown in to truly measure the toughness of the athlete. Awards were given out to women's and men's age categories. plus special awards. Tara Wood, Vicky's Simonson Scharf niece was the big winner of the evening pulling down 3 awards. See the results and videos with link below.

    2013 Results Race flyer  

  • John Healy Wins 2012 Tugs Race

    The Indestructible John Healy finishes 2012 with Tugs victory after competing in 14 triathlons in 2012. What an incredible year.

    In 1979, John Healy came across Tom Warren handing out Tugs race flyers up in Oceanside. John took the flyer and thought that must take all day to do. Well he signed up and 4 years later John was an Ironman. Now he takes down the Tugs Race. Tom Warren was there at the finish to greet John. Congratulations John.

    Tugs Race Resutls

  • Horny Toad Revisited

    Saturday August 20, 2011 - 7:00 AM, 50 mile bike ride - Updated August 17, 2011

    Tugs return to the original Horny Toad Half Ironman bike course starting at Torrey Pines State Beach parking lot. The Horny Toad started in 1981.It was the second Half Ironman in the world after Super Frog. Both were held in San Diego.  The original course no longer exists due to the 56 freeway. Tugs used detours like the 56 bike path. Map Directions can be found below. Video link below shows the course. After the ride the Tugs team visited the High Dive on Morena Blvd from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Sorry we missed you.

    Map Directions Race Course Video Past Horny Toad Results

  • Tugs Athletic Club Hall of Fame Induction Postponed

    2009/2010 Inductees Tim Harvey, Jenny Lamott, Dave Pain, and Donna Gookin

    After careful examination and analysis of Tugs race performances by Tom Warren and the Tugs team, we are please to announce our next inductees into the Tugs Athletic Club Hall of Fame.

    Tugs Hall of Fame

  • Floatopia

    Beach Alcohol Ban finds an alternative

    Saturday on Mission Bay, March 20, 2010. Beach goers found an alternative. Get a raft. Grab a beer. Go floating off the beach. A strong Law Enforcement was present and encircled the party. Patrol Boats, Helicopter, Police, and a 50 foot observation tower. Check out our video below.